The Power of Location and Franchise or Vending Equipment Placement

Location, the key to business success.

Buying a Franchise can be a golden opportunity. If you're considering a purchase of a well established "Landmark" type of Franchise, there is very little that you will be allowed to change in the Franchise agreement; however, location can be everything. Location means the sale of plenty of product. If you have a location locked-down that is so right for what you have in mind, that any of the competing Franchisers could do equally well, then you have the bargaining chip. Be totally transparent letting all know that you are looking for the best proposition with the greatest chance of success.

Most Franchise and business opportunity seekers are not so fortunate that the big guys are on bended-knee to make a deal to take the high traffic location. And for the most part, its not always just fast food franchises that do well. Sometimes, it can also be equipment such as vending machines that spawn business opportunities. Vending opportunities come in two basic categories. The first category are the standard machines such as soda, candy, ice cream, etc.,. These vending type businesses can be a steady-eddy kind of business with good vending locations.  The other category of machines dependent on a good location are the novelty vending machines that can sometimes add a new twist to an old thing.

Many of the great retail and vending locations are taken. In the instance of vending locations, even though a contract is in place, it can be circumvented with a product of machine not offered by the current vendor. It all comes back to Location. And everyone involved in the location is primarily interested in getting the most money out of it. If you are able to offer something novel that can generate an increase in the present revenue, in most cases, the location can be yours.

It comes down to the "chicken and the egg". That is, not what comes first as much as you need both for success, and one can usually get the other. If possible secure the location first before dealing with the Franchisor. In the placing of vending equipment it is necessary to be able to provide proven or sought-after equipment, to secure the best vending locations. Equipment not available to the present vendor.  Success in placing any business or vending equipment comes down to the old and proven adage:   Location, Location, Location.


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